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Finally, Versatility For All Hair Types

Ouch! Remember when using an old-fashioned heated pressing comb was the only way to manage your hair? Everything on your head was at risk of getting burned: ears, scalp, forehead and of course the nape of the neck.

Thank goodness those days are long gone. Unlike any other tool on the market, The EdgeStick™ lets you get closest to the hair root – even touching the scalp – without searing the skin.

Going “Natural”

Just because you’ve decided to go natural doesn’t mean you don’t want to sport a fresh, new look every now and then.

With The EdgeStick™, your edges can be tamed in minutes, allowing you to transition to a straight hair style in minutes – without using harsh chemicals. And because the affects of using our heated styling comb aren’t permanent, simply washing your hair and allowing it to air dry will return your locks to their previously coiled state.

Between Touch Ups

Forget being locked down to a schedule to relax your hair every 4-6 week. Or what’s even worse, being forced
to use even more chemicals at the “half-way point” to touch up your edges between relaxers.

Now you can extend the time between touch ups even farther than you thought possible by using The EdgeStick™. Our heated styling comb glides the hair across the heated barrel to smooth the hair’s appearance
and extend the time between touch ups.

Oh That Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is beautiful, unless it's yours and you would do anything to make it bone straight. Afterall, what good is straight hair that you can't manage because your roots have a mind of their own?

The EdgeStick™ lets you go all the way to the bottom of the hair shaft, straightening your hair from the bottom up, allowing you to master your curly or wavy hair.

Fine, Limp, Just There Hair

Let's face it, every woman wants bouncy hair that's the envy of all of our friends. But when your hair is fine and flyaway or limp and boring, using gel, spritz or leave-in conditioners is just going to make your hair tacky to the touch. Or even worse, it's going to make your hair brick hard.

Relief is finally here. Using The EdgeStick™ at the base of your hair, in a similar motion as using a flat iron, will give your hair lift from the bottom up. The EdgeStick™ is also great to redirect cowlicks and style bangs.

Why The EdgeStick™ Works For All Hair Types

The EdgeStick™ is designed to be used by the professional stylist or novice. This revolutionary heated styling comb can be used on all hair types thanks to the TruTemp™ temperature control system. This digitally controlled heat system allows you to dial up or down the styling comb's heat level to an appropriate setting for your hair type and maintains that setting while you use the styling comb.

Because the double-comb design separates the individual hair strands at the roots, the hair can glide untangled across the heated ceramic-coated barrel to achieve an instantly smooth appearance as well as help add volume to all hair types. Lastly, because the skin never comes in contact with the heated barrel, your skin is not at risk of getting burned.

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